🚨PRO TOOL TIPS: Before You Get Started

This information is VERY important, and you should not proceed with the GETTING STARTED portion before reading it.


  1. At any time you can click on any section of the guide and type CNTRL+F. This will allow you to search any keyword in the guide. For example: Stop loss

  2. You want to make sure you are using a computer that is up to date, using the latest operating system, and has at least 8-12GB of RAM minimum. If you are running other applications or multiple browser tabs, you will likely want more RAM to avoid delays in the scripts loading or signal alerts. Chrome tends to use the most system resources, slowing down your computer especially if you have other applications running at the same time. If using a tablet or cell phone with the TradingView app, it's recommended to have a minimum of 4GB-6GB of RAM. (If you don't know what your devices have, look in your device OS system settings/info or Google "How much RAM does my ( device name & model) have?"

  3. You want to the highest amount of RAM available at all times. In some cases it may make more sense to run everything on a dedicated Virtual Private Server like Amazon Web Services, Vultr, or https://www.hostinger.com/vps-hosting for SSD VPS Servers, and you can still access them from your computer or mobile device. We do not receive any compensation from these sources, they are just suggestions. Later there will be a detailed How To section added on this topic. For now, just make sure you are not running a lot of other applications in the background.

  4. TradingView uses Pine script programming language, to create 'INDICATORS' and 'STRATEGIES' that can be applied to charts for analysis, trading alerts, & signals. We use these to create alerts and send orders to the exchanges or brokers; using automation built into TradingView, or 3rd party bots like Autoview, Wunder Trading, 3Commas, Cryptohopper, PineConnect.

  5. An 'INDICATOR' is a heuristic or pattern-based signal, line, shape, or series of pattern-based signals, lines, shapes produced by the price, volume, other variables, and/or open interest of a security or contract, used by traders who follow technical analysis. This can include buy & sell signals/markers, but generally won't have any back-test data for the TradingView Strategy Tester.

  6. The terms: "INDICATOR' / 'INDICATORS' / HOST script 'INDICATOR' refers to any TradingView Pine script 'INDICATOR'. They are essentially one in the same, but the most important difference is HOST script 'INDICATOR' is one that has a snippet of Pine script code language added, so it "Connects" to our GBRMBPro risk management script. (See Converting a Strategy > section in GETTING STARTED) A HOST script 'INDICATOR' will usually have signals that can trigger TradingView alerts. That's what we want to import.

  7. The term: 'STRATEGY' refers to a TradingView Pine script 'STRATEGY'. The GBRMBPro is in fact a 'STRATEGY'. A 'STRATEGY' is generally a TradingView 'INDICATOR' or multiple INDICATORS' that has/have been converted into a 'STRATEGY' so that it can generate alerts/BUY/SELL signals; with back-test data to calculate profitability. This data is crucial to managing risk, measuring profitability, growing portfolios.

  8. In order for users to test their 'INDICATORS' for profitability, a 'STRATEGY' is created with the 'INDICATORS' on TradingView, with results displayed on backtester data tables (also populates in Tradingview Strategy Tester). The 'STRATEGY' settings and chart data are used to calculate for these results. Most existing 'STRATEGY' scripts are not advanced enough to show multiple combined 'INDICATORS' & Risk Management results in the backtest. The GBRMBPro allows you to import up to 10 external filter indicators as enhancements to a HOST script INDICATOR, or to be used when you "Make a Custom Strategy". It also allows up to 5 separate LONG or SHORT conditions as well as many Exit conditions. (More on this in GETTING STARTED: Settings Configuration Walkthrough)

  9. GBRMBPro is technically a customizable backbone 'STRATEGY' template, that provides risk management, automation, and imports BUY/SELL signals from a HOST script 'INDICATOR'. It also imports PLOTS from individual 'INDICATORS' -to create a Custom 'STRATEGY', or just be used as added custom filters within the GBRMBPro settings, to improve an imported HOST script 'INDICATOR'. You'll use these filters to increase profitability and reduce losses. See sections under the GETTING STARTED: Settings Configuration Walkthrough section to the left, for more details on this.

  10. For purposes of this guide, we will refer to the term 'trading strategy' as your method of trading, which could involve using multiple TradingView "INDICATORS" on chart; with a set of rules that you follow in order to enter and exit trades. The GBRMBPro will work with these existing 'trading strategies' - and build a custom comprehensive 'STRATEGY' script, using multiple on chart 'INDICATORS' and/or a HOST script 'INDICATOR'.

  11. For the purposes of this guide, HOST scripts and HOST script 'INDICATORS' are one in the same and they must "Connect" to the Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy Pro via the configuration settings. You can only connect 1 HOST at a time. See the How to Connect and Disconnect a HOST Script section.

  12. Click on any image in the guide to see it in full-size or zoomed in.

  13. UPDATE 12.20.23 - Tradingview has reduced the number of indicators you can apply to a chart with a FREE subscription. You can use 1 HOST Script to connect to the Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy Pro, and so this means with the GBRMBPro and HOST Script, you have 2 indicators on chart.

  14. UPDATE 12.20.23 - VERY IMPORTANT: Tradingview now requires Plus or Premium subscriptions in order to see more historical data for bar replay and deep back-test calculations. This is also the case if you want more than 2 indicators on chart, or more than 2 active charts. This is not required to use the signals with our script. However, to see the most historical back-test data, which will help you determine the best risk management while using our script; you will want a Plus/Premium subscription in the future. Something to keep in mind if you want the best results an accuracy, multiple charts, larger number of alerts, and more indicators on-chart. This detail recently changed with Tradingview, and was not something we were able to work around with the back-test data, as our script was designed to go back as far as possible. If you're looking to grow your portfolio right, you'll want to eventually invest in a Premium account. It's worth it. We do not currently receive affiliate commissions for referring users to Tradingview for premium subscriptions.


The script will not work with 3rd party services if these settings are not correct.

Unlike other Strategy scripts you have used that have the Order Size on the Properties tab in Settings as shown in the 1st image below...

...the GBRMBPro manages the Order Size on the Inputs tab as shown below. Changing the Order size/Contracts/USD/% of equity in the Properties tab will not change the backtest calculations. Changing Base currency on the Properties still works depending on which base currency you select, or you can leave it as Default.


SUMMARY NOTES: GBRMBPro imports 'INDICATORS' as custom filter enhancements and any (properly snippet-coded) HOST script with buy/sell order SIGNALS from on chart 'INDICATORS'.

You will use HOST "INDICATORS" to feed signals, alerts, and plots to the GB Risk Management Buddy Pro, or Make Strategy using plots from chart indicators for back-testing and signals automation.

The HOST script 'INDICATOR' must be "connected" using "CONNECTOR" in the GBRMBPro configuration settings, and it must be in a Pine script "INDICATOR" format, NOT a Pine script "STRATEGY" format.

If you have a favorite strategy you would like to use, but don't have risk management; you will need to convert the "STRATEGY" back to into an "INDICATOR" and add a snippet of code we provide; for it to "CONNECT" with the GBRMBPro. The GBRMBPro is formatted as a "STRATEGY" script itself, so it does all the back-testing, and transmits your INDICATOR's signals to your exchange via Autoview, WunderTrading, Pine Connect, and other trading bots, using TradingView server-side alerts. (Our FREE HOST indicators on our website, are already in the "INDICATOR" format to "CONNECT" and we will explain this process in the [HOW TO "CONNECT" & Disconnect A HOST Script] under the GETTING STARTED heading on the left.)


If you want to use and convert your own Pine script STRATEGY into an INDICATOR, or have an INDICATOR, with alerts/signals you want to use with the Risk Management Buddy, contact us at support@greedybastard.io to receive the snippet of code you need to add to your strategy/indicator; so it will "connect" with the Risk Management Buddy.

You can also find the snippet under the GETTING STARTED section: Converting a Strategy > Indicator so you can "Connect" it to the GBRMBPro in the settings.

If you have a trading strategy with multiple INDICATORS, they can be combined as custom filter indicators within the configuration settings. There are a total of 10 customizable filters with up to 5 conditional triggers.

Keep in mind that you can use any line or numerical value PLOT from any INDICATOR that has them; as 1 of 10 custom filters within the GBRMBPRo script. These can be used for Buy, Sell, Stop Loss, and Trailing Stop Loss, Take Profit triggers. All plots may not behave the same, so you'll have to test and see how it performs. Some shapes don't have decimal or plot values, so they can't be used unless hard coded in Pinescript.

You can also contract with our coder for a reasonable fee, if you just want a done-for-you package. Send us a message for a quote at support@greedybastard.io

Start off with using our FREE HOST script INDICATORS. If you don't know how or don't feel confident adding the Pine script code snippet used to "Connect" the Risk Management Buddy to your favorite INDICATOR or strategy; or how to convert a strategy back into an indicator-you can put in a request with our coder to do it for you- for a reasonable fee. Contact support@greedybastard.io for FREE QUOTE. Generally, rates run about $40-50 per hour depending on the level of coding and adjustment required to "Connect" your trading strategy or INDICATOR. There is a 1 hour minimum charge for simple "connects", and major indicator customization will be on a case by case basis.


There are many Youtube videos that show some great multi-indicator trading strategies and surprising results. However, they need real-time risk management and proper back-testing that GB Risk Management Buddy provides. You're more than welcome to try any other 'trading strategy' and INDICATORS with the GB Risk Management Buddy, or enhance your 'trading strategy' with your Favorite non-signal and signal INDICATORS.

If you have a custom strategy you saw or are using, and would like to know if we have a similar HOST script, or would like us to build it for you- Contact support@greedybastard.io for a FREE QUOTE.

Adjusting Chart Sizing and Resetting the Chart

Make sure you adjust the screen size to fit your needs. If you can't see the dialog box, on most browsers you can click the 3 bars/dots and Zoom out. See the first image below. You can also click on the dark area of the chart, and move the chart to the left, to see the dialog box.

Also, as shown in the 2nd image, you can right click on the chart and click Reset chart view or type Alt + R on your keyboard.

This conclude the PRO TIPS section of the guide.

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