1️⃣Creating a TradingView Account

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How to Create a TradingView Account:

Navigate to Tradingview's homepage.

Click circle icon with the avatar/profile image.

A menu will drop down and you will click "Sign In"

You'll be taken to the Sign In page. Scroll down and click "Sign up"

Next you will choose the method you want to use to Sign Up. Social media, Google account, apple account, or an email address. We prefer to use email because it's easier to customize and separate trading data & signals from social media notifications.

Next you will sign up with social media, or enter an email address and password

Accept the terms, click the "I'm not a robot" button.

Complete the Captcha and Verify if required.

Then Click "Create Account"

How to Load a Chart on Tradingview

Once you've logged in, you will see this page.

Place the mouse cursor over "Products" (Don't Click It)

A dropdown menu pops out, click "Supercharts"

How to Change Market Ticker Symbols or Currency Pairs

Change the symbol of your chart with a simple click in the top left section displaying the current ticker symbol on chart. This is the Symbol Search box. Explore new markets and seize opportunities like never before.

If you know the symbol or currency pair you want, just type it in using your keyboard.

A window pops up with options to type in a symbol, scroll through a list and select a symbol, select a specific market category, source, and type of symbol or currency pair.

Select "All sources" to see a list of exchanges or over the counter markets for the particular symbol you're searching for.

The sources window will pop up and you can manually enter or select from a list.

You can primarily filter symbols by Exchange, Index, and by type. You can choose Spot or Futures depending on your trading and Risk Management strategy.

How to Select and Favorite a Time Frame

Search the top bar for the down arrow icon, and click it.

Click the time frame you want to add it to the chart. You can also click the hollow start next to the time frame to save it as a favorite. When the color changes to yellow for each time frame, each time frame will appear at the top of the chart in the list to choose from.

How to Add an Indicator to the Chart

At the top of the chart, click the indicators icon, and you can either type in an indicator you're looking for, or go to Favorites and Invite-only indicators to choose the one you want to use.

How to Select a Time Zone for Alerts Accuracy

At the bottom of the chart, look for the time zone block. Click it to change time zone to yours current location for the most accurate alerts.

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