3️⃣How to Connect & Disconnect a HOST Script

This section will show you how to go into the configuration settings of the Greedy Bastard RIsk Management Buddy and "Connect" a HOST script to to it, or disconnect it.

After you have added the Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy and the HOST Script to the chart, you should see them both here on chart(#1). The yellow text box (#2) lets you know that you have not connected the HOST script yet. We will consider the FREE HOST Script as the one we will use for this example. In this case, the Double Supertrend script.

  1. Click Settings gear icon on the Greedy Bastard RIsk Management Buddy

  2. Click the Properties tab.

  3. First, let's change the amount of Initial Capital you'll be trading with. Start small for testing. No more than $100 for LIVE MONEY testing. Once you determine the best settings and profitability, then you can increase your Initial Capital. We will start with $1000 as an example here for testing, and load script data into the back-test data box.

If you are trading stocks, you can NOT trade in fractional shares like you can with crypto. You will want to make sure you are trading whole shares of stocks, and that your initial capital, position size, and any martingale settings, are enough to cover the shares you are trading. More on this in the Settings Configuration Walkthrough.

Keep in mind if you are trading forex or cryptocurrency, you can generally trade in fractions of each token. Some exchanges only allow whole numbers for certain currency pairs. However, in TradingView, the scripts usually trade "contracts" and reflect that in the back-tester.

Now Connect the HOST Script

The numbers on the image correspond to the numbered steps below the image.

  1. Confirm the GBRMBPro and HOST Script are on chart.

  2. Click the Settings gear icon of the GBRMBPro script.

  3. Make sure you're on the Inputs tab.

  4. Click the 'Connect Host Script' drop down menu, you will see 'close' is currently selected as the default setting.

  5. Scroll down until you find the abbreviated title of the HOST script, with the word 'Connector' with 2 plug emojis, and select it.

  6. Then Click Ok.

Give it 30-60 seconds to load. You should see signals, strategy plots for entry/exit, HOST script entry (blue) and Take Profit lines (3 green lines above the blue line), the back-test dialog box on the far right (if you have it checked in the Settings Inputs, and the back-test strategy calculations at the bottom.

Disconnecting a HOST Script

This section is very important. In the case that you want to use a different HOST Indicator, Make a Strategy, or Remove the existing HOST Indicator from the chart or Greedy Bastard Risk Management Buddy-you need to first Disconnect the "Connected" HOST script first, then lastly Uncheck the Import External Filter Indicators box and Conditions boxes. The numbers in the image correspond to the steps below the image.

  1. Click Settings Gear Icon

  2. Click the Connect Host Script drop down menu.

  3. You will see that "Connector" is selected blue, Click "close"

  4. Click OK

Next you will need to Turn off Import External Filters in the EXTERNAL FILTER INDICATOR SETTINGS

The numbers on the image correspond to the steps below the image.

After clicking the settings gear click inputs.

  1. Uncheck the box next to Import External Filter Indicators

  2. Click OK


The numbers in the image correspond to the steps below the image.

  1. Uncheck each box next to each Long and Short Condition. NOTE: Optionally, you can reset all of your condition filters to NONE as seen here. This prevents confusion later in the event you change your filters and conditions; and is good practice.

  2. Click OK

Your HOST script is now fully DISCONNECTED. You can now import another HOST Script, Make a Strategy using other on-chart indicators and set new custom filters and conditions. Or you can delete the RMB script if you are planning not to use it.

If you attempt to remove the HOST script before properly DISCONNECTING, you will see this message. If you click YES, both the RMB script and HOST script will be removed from the chart, and unless you saved the settings as DEFAULT, you will need to re-add all the settings you had before. Make sure you really want to remove both before clicking YES.

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